L L S… So that, YOU know, who YOU’RE dealing with!

Legal Liaison Service Pty Ltd was established in 1976

Throughout three decades of change we have remained a responsive, competitive and intimate business partner. A successful company, small in stature, large in enthusiasm.

The loyalty and commitment of our long standing clients is directly attributed to our knowledgeable and accommodating staff.

Our hands-on approach to all facets of registration and searching has ensured that we’ve maintained our methodical and logical approaches in fulfilling our daily obligations to you.

Work delivered to you in a timely manner is a direct result of our “can do” attitudes.

Our focus and desire to provide a personalised and professional collaboration with the legal and associated professions has kept us committed to a continuing level of quality service.

Specialising in searching and registration support with access to state and national searching databases at your fingertips.

Legal Liaison Service for “expertise you can call your own”